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  1. you are right... same menu like in LES Saab 340... I am.. sorry :-)
  2. Hello @airfighter. I have similar error on Win10 with your bird. Avitab is not visible in cocpit, only when i disable and reneable gizmo plugin I can see tablet in the cockpit - but completly dark/inactive. Yes, stock version 11.41 of xplane (via xorganizer), only AVITAB and GIZMO plugin installed... thx for any help... gabelcz GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  3. problem solved... i had to delete controller profile for TBM. strange... now I can make new/save/edit default x plane views (also x camera btw).
  4. Hi, I have issue with creating snap views in TBM. I cant create snap views (default xplane), even with xcamera - i can't create them. In th past everything was working, in current stable version the game didn't repospond and didnt save the viewes (the will not appear in pref file, and with xcamera where I have views set from the previous versions it will not change them eiter). Of course with every other plane snap views working and yes - i tryed to reinstall the plane from the scratch.
  5. especially when ver 1.3 worked with copied GNS430 from xpl10 "just fine". I dont know anybody who is flying xpl10 these days. It's dead.
  6. Hi, this isnt woked for me. I have GNS430 from xpl10 in Resources folder before (worked with Saab ver 1.3), but now its not... Where did you and what excatly you copied from xpl10 to xpl11? thx a lot.
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