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  1. Yep, I was mistaken, I have 1.2.1 for the IXEG. I couldn't remember if it was 1.2, or 1.2.1. Solved enough for me. Thank's, and have a good day.
  2. Hello, Looking at both sandboxed versions shows the same verson number, Firmware v18.02.21.1358. Saab 340 is Version 1.5.1 (no hotfix), and the IXEG is Version 1.2. I'd also like to point out that the latest version of Gizmo is not available from it's website anymore, so I have no way of verifying if my version is correct or not. The plane is working for me now, though. But if you need more information, I'm happy to help.
  3. I believe I have solved the problem... to an extent. To start, I wouldn't call this officially solved by the standard definition since it was kind of a hack. The first thing I did was I completely uninstalled the IXEG 737, the MU-2B, and the Saab 340, cleaned the /Aircraft/X-Aviation directory, and removed the Gizmo plugin from /Resources/plugins. The second thing I did was setup to new, and isolated X-Plane 11.26. One for a clean install of the Saab 340, and the other for the IXEG 737. The third thing I did after installing each plane in their sandbox was compare the installed Gizmo plugin files in /Resources/plugins, and found that the Saab had a couple files with older dates than the same files with the IXEG sandbox. The fourth thing I did was try trading Gizmo plugins between the two sandboxes. The IXEG took it fine, but the Saab 340 was still suffering the same issues. What ended up working was a merge of the two Gizmo directories, and using the newest version of each file. Again, I don't know if I would call this an actual fix since I don't know if it was just a fluke, or just some dumb luck, but hey!
  4. For added testing, I unplugged my joystick completely, moved my mouse to a different USB port, to a different USB controller, and even tried a different mouse, and have the same issue. And only with the SF34.
  5. My hardware is fine, (I did unplug, and replug just to be sure.) I already have view presets setup. The problem is mouse wheel zoom, and manipulation does not work. This is the ONLY aircraft with this issue.
  6. Hi, I just purchased this plane and I have been having a problem with getting the scrollwheel zoom, and scrollwheel manipulation to work at all. Both options are completely non-functional for me with both enabled in the User Preferences menu. I personally find having to open up a dedicated menu, and clicking various VIEW buttons just to get close-up views of various panels, and equipment cumbersome, slow, and very jarring when all other addons I fly have no issues supporting native view systems built into X-Plane that I would like to find a solution. Below I have both my Log.txt, and my Gizmo log file from a BONE STOCK X-Plane 11.26 installation for testing, as well as an image of the broken menu options in question. Hoping to find a solution as this buying this addon has been a long time coming for me, and outside of this issue, I've been very much enjoying my limited time with it so far. Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  7. Affirm. Windows 10 Pro Build 16299.214 (1709) Made a backup of my current 1.20 install, and moved it out of the simulator directory, but I tried moving it back and letting the installer uninstall it with the same result.
  8. Hello, I can't seem to get the installer to download the files right now. The error I'm getting at the start of the download portion says "Unable to download component IXEG 737-300: Component file version does not match."
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