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  1. Yea....I'm happy with SMP 5 with volumetric deselected. I am flying now with FSGRW though...and am enjoying the weather depiction
  2. I just enabled overcast volumetric....and have the same frame rate. There's not much for overcast right now in this flight...but......mmmmmm
  3. After some testing, it appears I can run clouds on volumetric but not the overcast....might be a good compromise though. Additonally, I set my Nvidia Control Panel settings for XP to default, changing only the "maximum power" setting. Seems to run the smoothest!
  4. At this point, I can fly flawlessly with SMP 5 (latest version) but volumetric disabled. To me that is ok, I love the cloud representation using the cloud art. Here are a couple examples....
  5. Well, update not so good for me. Down to 20 or so FPS. I'll see if I can find the change that caused the issue.
  6. It's still a smooth transition using just RWC but it becomes noticable with FSGRW. It was noticed on a flight from CYZT to CYVR. I've just downloaded and installed the latest update....will see how that goes sir.
  7. Devs..one thing I notice using FSGRW is a definite reload of weather when approaching a new weather station. I do have the "do not change visible weather" under RWC....is there another setting I should be looking at? When not using RSGRW, I don't get that weather loading....a bit smoother. I'm also getting this on my approach to CYVR. Any ideas? Only issues I have now with SMP 5.....what should I look at?
  8. One added bonus for me....I can now use FS Global Real Weather to inject weather into XP, something I couldn't do with SMP 4 as it killed my frame rates. So, another paid software I can use now! And at 30,000 draw radius as opposed to 10,000 draw radius. Take a look at the frame rates Although, I was getting pretty nice weather/cloud depiction with SMP 4 and RWC also
  9. Well then, I'm using SMP5 to it's full potential then
  10. Hey! Not in the trenches anymore sir! Up on a mountain top now!
  11. I have an issue.......new one. I have to leave my beloved SMP 4 behind! The new update fixed all issues with my system...can fly with my plugins and am enjoying great cloud work!
  12. THEY got it sorted! The new update fixed all my issues. Am just doing a flight from KLAS to CYVR and quite enjoying the SMP 5 experience In volumetric clouds am getting 50 FPS which is a switch for me. I have reduce cloud textures to 1024 resolution....not sure if volumetric uses those exact ones but I've given that a try first. Once I'm tidlyed all up here I'll try the original cloud art resolution. Flying into clouds is a whole new experience now....and yes, I did change it to original sky colors T123NE.
  13. Is now working as advertised gentlemen!!! Thanks for the quick update to solve this issue! Now, off to to a flight!
  14. Well now....I've got my 40+ FPS back with SMP5. Still struggle with the dark clouds but I'll figure that one out. Thanks for the quick update !!
  15. My plugin list: AutoGate AviTab BetterPushback FlyWithLua Gizmo64.plugin LIttle Navconnect Little Xpconnect Plugin Admin RealWEatherConnector SilverLining xjet XPLM.framework XPRealistic XPWidgets.framework X-RAAS2 Right now, SMP4 does me just fine. I want to keep running with existing plugins. I'll wait for improvement on SMP5
  16. Glad some are enjoying it LOL
  17. My plugin list: AutoGate AviTab BetterPushback FlyWithLua Gizmo64.plugin LIttle Navconnect Little Xpconnect Plugin Admin RealWEatherConnector SilverLining xjet XPLM.framework XPRealistic XPWidgets.framework X-RAAS2
  18. Alone in the trenches but a beautiful sky.................................with SMP4
  19. I get better, smoother frame rates with SMP4 and all my plugins (which isn't many) than I do with SMP 5 and a bare bones plugin folder. I hope they can figure this out as I bought version 5 and can't run it. Like you, my ram maxes out running SMP 5 with my "not so many" plugins , getting single digit frame rates also.
  20. I'm back to SMP4.....don't know what the issue is, I'll wait to see what happens with SMP5. Good luck!
  21. I have a new plugin folder going with a Gizmo64, RealWeatherConnector, SilverLIning, XPLM.framework and it's associated files in it. Now, I can't use Vulcan....says my drivers need to be updated. In openGL, I have 21 FPS looking out the cockpit window and 65 FPS looking down into the cockpit, 10,000 draw radius. When I zoom in to just seeing sky, I drop to 14 FPS. Only good thing? My ram usage is 10GB.
  22. I'm in the process of renaming the plugins folder and just using RWC, Gizmo64 and SMP5
  23. Yes. What ever I try to do, the ram usage stays pegged at full. For me anyways.
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