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  1. Ok, found the problem. The authentication window is small.Not all of my e-mail address showed in it. I had keybounce on the "m" key. so what I could not see is that".com" was actually. ".comm"
  2. Well, the "Why" is a Windows 10 update. I turned on my computer, and there was an automatic update. Now, I am being asked by X Plane to reload Gizmo. Mt IXEG 737 and A350 are unusable, as are the Challenger and Jetstream. How do I fix this?
  3. I have it all dialed in for my system. WOW!!! I really dont want to leave the area ! You guys need to create MORE! I'll buy it! Since turning off reflections this scenery has been spectacular! I'm looking forward to see what else they do. I hope they bundle cities and airports
  4. I just checked and I have the 1070! When I bought the computer, the difference between what a 1070 vs a 1080 did for P3D v3 were insignificant. Now with P3D v4 and XP11 that lack of difference may no longer be true in all cases. So far I have had no FPS issues with P3d v4 or any addons for it. That being said, as far as XP11 goes, prior to this software, I ran XP11 with full sliders to the right and had no issues of framerate problems at all. Might be getting close to time to upgrade the video card!
  5. Finally got it installed after some issues with authorization. Then came the slide show! Yes, it does hit the frame rates and I am running a new Alienware R5 with some upgrades! I dropped the sliders to half way and did not see much difference. I lost all the buildings, and it was just not right. Finally , I turned "Reflection Details" as low as it would go. BIG HELP! Now I am experimenting with how high I can bring back the rest of the sliders.
  6. I noticed no traffic in XP 11. When I went to the plugin manager and turned off Skymaxx the traffic was back. I turn it back on , the traffic is gone, turn it off again, traffic is back. What can I do?
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