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  1. I went back to the previous version of saab and the issue disappeared. So i think it has nothing to due with the new version of xplane. It is a bug of the new version of saab. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Over 50 frames. Have new system with high end hardware. I7 7700k overclocked 4.7 gtx1080ti, hydrocooling etc. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. So I have tried with only the gizmo plug-in enabled and the issue still exists. I don't think that this issue has something to do with the plug-ins because I used this plug-ins in the previous version with no problems. It must be something with the start procedure. When I start the engine putting the power levers to start position and the ignition to start the engine starts normally without any problem. The issue that I mentioned early begins when I move the powerlever from start position to unfeather and then to minimum. I tried to leave the power lever to unfeather for longer time and in th
  4. After update i have weird engine behavior on startup. The engine temperature needle is moving all the time from 600 celsius to max and back again. That hapent all the time. The issue stops after take off. Any advice?
  5. Hi i updated xplane 11 to the last version 11.10b5. After that i can not start the engines. Can sobody tell me if there is a official support about this problem, or if a official update is in progress. Maybe sobody has fix that issue? thanks
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