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  1. So i arrived from work to my home. Turned on my PC, logged into Windows and without touching anything i ran my XP. Got greetings from Gizmo, entered my usual credentials and vo'ila - activated my license succesfully and without any hassle. It really must been some transport route issue like i mentioned before or there is also high possibility it was something between Windows and everything else . Really didn't touch anything since yesterday's issue. Yippie-ai! @Cameron thanks once again for your help and all the attention!
  2. Oh, didn't know there is also my address, took me a while to find it (now i hope everything is correct, i really would like to avoid being marked as some "shady" entity or so, my orders from XA were serious and for real, i just do not tend to share my real life credentials anywhere on internet if is it possible, for safety reasons of course - a 27 years habbit, sorry). If everything is ok at your side then i have to dig even deeper on my Windows update as it seems it most probably is connected to this issue. But don't know why, HTTPS in browsers are fine for me on same PC. Will try ping
  3. It took over half of minute of waiting for refresh to get my post above posted Also attachments seems to be working now, this is the Gizmo error after installing latest version of 733 from IXEG:
  4. Thanks for fast reply. My bad, i see i had different email in account here, sorry for confusion. That one on my XA account only is valid (bu*******er@gmail.com). Corrected everything i could both here and on XA account. Downloaded IXEGs 733 v1.33 (it was a bit pain, had to retry several times each livery because of "cannot reach remote server" installer info, same as XA site is super slow for me, it takes several tens of seconds to refresh), but managed to download it. To be correct - when download starts it goes fast, but first response on new file download in installer takes ages a
  5. Hello and sorry for hijacking this thread, but i have very similar issue. Today i've updated my 1908 of Windows 10 to latest 20H2. After running XP i was welcomed by XA Gizmo saying "Machine ID does not match" and "License data invalid". XA Licensing window also automatically popped up, listing my XA products. Clicked "Update license now", entered my login and password, waited ... and got message about x-aviation:443 time-out (HTTPS port). I have Windows Defender turned off and using ZoneAlarm. Couldn't find any clue in app list for access control. Also any other stuff in XP usi
  6. Ok, i was really curious about why with HW levers it doesn't work. I found this: When i move my prop lever down to zero, then cockpit prop lever doesn't go exactly to the Taxi detent, but slightly ABOVE it, just few milimiters or so - that's why i can't go to beta range with "thrust toggle". When i use mouse for prop lever and move it slightly down right to the Taxi detent, then i can u se "reverse toggle" and my HW throttle lever to move in beta range. When looking at the dataref sim/flightmodel/engine/ENGN_prop: - with prop lever controlling by mouse values between Taxi a
  7. While i am patiently waiting for over a week for an initial reply from XA to my opened ticket #1KPCO opened on 27th October, i would like to share some more info and logs (because your contact form doesn't have possibility to attach files). I did some more deeper testing with latest Mu-2 version and with XP11.05r2: Without any HW controls attached: - throttle levers doesn't move with mouse - mouse pointer changes from arrow to hand, but when i click and drag, nothing happens (cond. levers are fine) - at throttle at idle levers are in "flight idle" - shouldn't be rather in "
  8. Same here, latest v1.8. Throttle levers also move with keyboard throttle (F1+F2 keys), but only in range between "flight idle" and "take off". Taxiing with constant braking is not that much comfortable ;), even half-loaded Marquise can pick up over 50kts really fast :/.
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