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  1. I was one going to ask, than I just had a second thought....
  2. Hi Ben, From what I could understand about Cekko's issue, he would like to have Gizmo running without the control window or with the window popping in from a different screen position. Cheers Alberto
  3. Amazing, I'll give it a try when I am done with my main project! Good job.
  4. At post #539 the Gizmo.plugin folder is clearly there Can we see a screenshot of what actually is INSIDE that folder? EDIT: OK, the folder contains what is expected to be there....
  5. I can confirm that. Within FreeTrackNoIR main window, select "Fake TrackIR" in the Game protocol combo. Then install Sandy Barbours' Pilot view and enable Track IR support. You will get a nice and smooth handling of all 6 degrees of freedom for you point of view.
  6. >The only shortcoming seems to be that FaceTrackNoIR cannot do sideways movement. Typical example when landing K&A's T-28 on the Nimitz as mentioned in Chip&Simon's blog, you need to be able to move sideways so you can see along the side of the nose. I haven't found a way to get FaceTrackNoIR to do this. Even though it has a "Roll" axis this is far from easy to get any satisfactory results from, and I've left Roll axis disabled. I really have to check that again (I am not currently on my gaming pc) but as far as I can remember you get the most out of FTNoIR by simulating the Track I
  7. OK, registration is back! Ciao Alberto
  8. I see your point, Ben. Also, Pete's approach looks nice to me so I will be just fine. Cheers
  9. I see a lot of cases for this, but why not just making "inElapsedSinceLastCall" available to the script? Cheers x-a
  10. Hi Ben, Gizmo would not load in Ubuntu 11.04 32 bit this is what I got from the log Loaded: /media/STORAGE/X-Plane 9/Resources/plugins/PluginAdmin/lin.xpl. Loaded: /media/STORAGE/X-Plane 9/Resources/plugins/DataRefEditor/lin.xpl. dlerror:/media/STORAGE/X-Plane 9/Resources/plugins/Gizmo.plugin/lin.xpl: undefined symbol: luagl_get_enum Loaded: /media/STORAGE/X-Plane 9/Resources/plugins/MyPlugin/lin.xpl. Found stats plugin: 2 OpenAL version : 1.1 OpenAL hardware : PulseAudio Software OpenAL extensions: ALC_ENUMERATE_ALL_EXT ALC_ENUMERATION_EXT ALC_EXT_CAPTURE ALC_EXT_disconnect ALC_EXT_EF
  11. Thank you for the linux build! Going to check it later today.
  12. Good. Those A/P flights can get really boring...
  13. Four! :-) EDIT: ok, so we have the source code, we are mighty linux users... we should really go on and get the plugin built on our own effort... shouldn't we? too bad I failed already :-[ but I will not give up
  14. Hi Ben, may I ask you what a "hooked dataref" is? - or I could just wait and inspect your code...
  15. Hi Lightner, I am not really able to perform any test today, but please note that the tape masking fuction is supposed to work based on "panel coordinates", that you get with: XPLMGetWindowGeometry(gMainWindow, &PanelWindowLeft, &PanelWindowTop, &PanelWindowRight, &PanelWindowBottom); Not sure how they relate to screen coordinates. Will follow up when possible.
  16. Hi, Lightner not sure about the impacts, but the C code I use (ported into gizmo by Ben) works from a drawing callback, registered for the "xplm_Phase_Gauges" phase. You probably need to call this from a draw_2D_panel function. I will check later. Ciao A.
  17. got it for some reason that I did not investigate (I can get lazy, I know) the shell was not working on my pc before. It works fine now. Thanks Ben! Alberto
  18. About the first pic: now I know what I would be doing if I was born before the silicon age...
  19. Hi Pete-SMS I will look at that, but let me first suggest you to try hooking on the ..._OnHold() trigger. I suspect that a few x-plane commands might not issue the expected OnStart and OnStop events Ciao Alberto
  20. ...that you do not have to reload x-plane to see your changes when you correct your script (*)... is it about time to say goodbye to my C development suite? (* and I even discovered this accidentally... I should start reading manuals... or at least understanding what I am doing...)
  21. Hi Lightner, this version of the path indicator scripts works fine unless you have cross wind (we need to figure out what the path indicator shows, may be side accelerations?) I see no more "lag" of sort... You were almost there, you just did not compensate for fov as you (correctly) did for the horizon example...and a couple of math.tan went missing as well.... xpdr_alpha = xp.getDataref("sim/flightmodel/position/alpha") xpdr_beta = xp.getDataref("sim/flightmodel/position/beta") function OnDraw_Windows() ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  22. Ok, I _was_ horribly wrong, after all. When in "HUD view", VFOV and HVOF are correctly calculated by you... (I had a chance to give it a quick try) Let me look at it more carefully... :o
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