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  1. Hansa, I suggest you stop digging yourself into a deeper hole. That is completely out of line and inappropriate. If you want to buy payware, you have the right to do so. As you said, you are an end user. Let's keep it there. I'm telling you this for your own good. I'm not man who can smile to front of you in one moment and in next moment say something really bad at your back. I know this is typical for a lot of people around of Europe or USA (mentality). I told you here about business true, and how it's look from different point. And of course I can understand this is can be family or friends business. People can lobby they interests or support friends. But... for a one moment. If it's happen in a big business, companies changed partners it's normal and it's not from out of line.
  2. You claimed to know what it takes to make an add on. I'm giving you an opportunity to prove it. That's obvious. And you proved my point brilliantly. You have the right to choose. But you do not have the right to demand a product. You do not have the right to call ANYONE stupid. Again, exactly. You have the money to pay for a product. It's OUR responsibility as developers to give you a product worthy of your money. Depends. You attacked. Please re-read your original post and see if you can notice the attack. Ok this one confused me. Yeah, PMDG have good products. Excellent systems modelling. My point remains the same. They have a team of 8 people working on the 737. They have been around for over 10 years. They promised a 737 in Mid 2010. They are 1 year late. All those developers on 1 project and they are 1 year late. The CRJ has 3 developers and Javier has been here for only 3 years. See the difference? What does this have to do with the CRJ and late releases?? No one is forcing you to stay here and refresh the forums 260 times an hour. Of course, you are more than welcome to keep checking, but you are waaaaay out of line when you think we OWE you something. You have paid no money. No one here owes you anything. Relax, be patient. Common! What I need to prove to you? I have money to pay this product or that? For me it's look like funny. If you are asking what I can do for X-Plane community, so my answer I can finance them. Did you understand this? You are not open source developer, you are commercial developer. You are trying to take revenue from this market you are not develop some of products for free. Don't say for me what I can do or some thing like. I'm not working on red cross and you too. Ok? Read carefully. I didn't say somebody is stupid. Show me there I call you or Javier as a stupid men? Why you are talking about PMDG? Right now we are talking about CRJ release, ok? Problems of PMDG it's a problems of PMDG not your or Javier. Ok? People pay for them, cause they already have good products. What about you? Cessna, cessna, cessna and again cessna or similar aircraft. You don't have this product, they have and they have this market. Users not pay for promises, users pay products. Ok? Feel the difference. You can say... we still not do it, cause it's so so so havy... so so so long time bla bla bla look at bla bla bla they have delay X years bla bla bla bla... Wake up the flight simulation market already have products. In fact you are in the end of train. Would like to be a leader... hurry up! What's typical for X-Plane community. Of course no one here owes to me, like I'm not owes for somebody here. But I suppose you would like to watch some of money for you work at your bank account and if you would like to watch my money or money of others people try to keep your announces, dates and commitments. Ok?
  3. Javier, we are talking about business. As I can understand you are freelancer (maybe I wrong), but if you partners provide for you some kind of commitment and they can't to do it maybe it's time to thinking about to change your partners? Just for sample Aerosoft has much more bigger customers community and they start to work with X-Plane. I suppose they can made this things much more quickly then your partners and provide much more quality.
  4. Javier, I'm not calling you stupid. You are amazing 3D modeller but this is that I'm thing about this situation. I'm not saying if you or other's people stupid, cause I didn't know you personal or others people here. I just explain my opinion and not like other developer, I explain my opinion like a end user who have chose. PS: Try to read much more carefully my messages. I'm not saying build something like CRJ it's easy, but what about installation program? Are you kidding? X-Avaiation released few aircraft (cessna, cessna and again cessna) and they can't make standarts procedure for future products? Facepalm.
  5. Why I need to show you some of addons men? Hey, waked up I'm end user, not developer. This is market and I have chose and I have right to chose between other's product. I hope you can understand. Don't try to tell my what I done for X-Plane community. This is not open source community and it's commercial market ok? Can you understand this? I'm end user who can pay your or others product. You have a product, I have a money. Fill the difference. I'm not declare like I'm other developer of X-Plane addon's. I know best defense position is attack, but this arguments looks like ... you know what. If you are talking about PMDG, they already have good product MD, B747 it's enough.Do you have products like this? Of course answer is no! So best way for you it's to talk about PMDG or other's team only after you are going to have products at the same level. Air simmer has released really good aircraft Airbus. What we have for X-Plane? Few variations of Cessna? I don't want to bye another one Cessna or little one aircraft. I fed up of this. I would like to fly on normal commercial jet (of course online). I what users can see on X-Plane shops? A lot of little aircraft's, cessna, cessna and again cessna. What about scenery like Aerosoft, FlyTampa or SimWings? Nobody have this kind of level of addons for X-Plane. AES? Not have... Ohhh... I know only one really good addon more or less to closer of this level... and it's UUDD - Domodedovo maded by JAR... and sic! it's freeware ))) X-Plane it's really good simulation program. But unfortunately, this platform not have normal addons.
  6. Unfortunately it's not mine. I'm not 3D modeling user. People pay for me a lot of money for others my skills... and right now I don't want to spend a lot of time of this kind of things. But if you would like to talk with me about IT projects. So, your chose... don't say for me what I didn't know how it's hard and so on... they done all of things. They talking about this everywhere. But they can't finish just installation during one month? Here I need to put facepalm picture. Guys, to build installation people typically need one week or less. And believe me this time frame is normal for much more complicated products then just some one aircraft for X-Plane. Believe me, I have really big working experience with companies like Microsoft or IBM and I know about what I'm talking. PS: You can put to my karma a lot of minuses.. It's not changing my opinion or if you would like you can erase my posts. But it's critic and it's right critic.
  7. I suppose it's just a stupid market strategy. Sorry men, nothing personal... but I don't like this kind of things. From my side during this three month I was invest something like 600 Euro (payware addons) to FSX installation on my iMac (yes I solved a lot of problem with this installation and it's work fine). Right now FSX installation is working fine with really good quality. You promised to release this aircraft in next month.... Month is finish and we still can see only promises... I really tired to waiting this aircraft and right now it's a principal deal. Instant of release testing tool you can finish installation, but you chose other way. Ok, your right, your chose. My chose don't support marketing like this. I fed up of this. Anyway I hated other stupid things... like VFR scenery... FS community would like to watch really great airport scenery and not just only edited and adoptable maps from Google, Bing or OpenStreet. I really hope after one year this situation can be changed. But... anyway Microsoft is already announced next version of Flight Simulation. Spoon is really good for lunch time, not after.
  8. Hi! Javer just know, money is waiting you
  9. What about MAC OS version? Since from release we still don't know anything about MAC OS version. The main problem it's a lot of people who are use X-Plane, they are working under MAC OS. In this situation Real Environment Simulations, can loose the big peace of this market...
  10. Man, don't forget about this project! Don't give it up! It's really great opportunity for X-Plane! Try to fight for this project!
  11. My Action Plan looks like this: 1. Build high quality external 3D flight model of B747-400 2. Texturing fuselage. 3. Build high quality 3D cockpit model of B747-400 4. Texturing 3D cockpit. 3. Try to implement internal systems (FMC, AP and so on...) PS: But you need to understand this craft it's my first project and I just try to do it. BTW anybody knows how much polygons is good for fuselage? Other update.
  12. I'm thinking about KLM livery... And I know I shut to do it more in this 3D model (and nose also)...
  13. Folks, What do you think about this? I'm still keep working on fuselage. But I would like to understand your opinion PS: Of course any critics are welcome, because they can help to build much more realistic model. PPS: This render after subserf and smooth and have total VE: 49673, FA 49152.
  14. I'm absolutely agree with you. Javier can take from this scenery additional money and maybe spend them to finance development process of CRJ if they can't solve a lot of little problems so soon. Javier could you please make little update for us, what kind of system you already done and provide internal roadmap what are you planning to implement before release is happen. I suppose a lot of people would like to know with what exactly you are trying to fight in development process... PS: As I know you have additional suspended project. I'm talking about Airbus, maybe it's going be better if you can continue work with external model of this craft, because if developers successful solve this problem in near future you can immediately continue working with your new project. PPS: Impossible is possible.
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