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  1. OK, I must be honest I don't see manuals or videos (I have a little experience, flight sim, not real, on 737 NG) But if it is an human error, I will read and study video, sorry if I lost your time
  2. Yes, I have the same issue, on my descent (VNAV mode), I put my throttle full back to not overspeed and when I want to put more throttle (because my speed was 10 knots below speed reference, I can't do that. bitmaps showing AT position works well but the quandrant don't move. And I have this same issue on landing (landing with SPD mode and pull back throttle on touchdown) and when I want to taxi out, I can't do that, A/T on. I disconnect A/T, nothing, I must engage A/T, SPD mode and disconnect A/T for taxi out
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