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  1. Greetings all X-Pilot developers (please excuse the typo in the topic name... forgot where I was!). I have recently released an application called World Traffic which is created to fill the X-Plane skies with hundreds of planes. Some info on it is here: http://www.classicje...m/WorldTraffic/ In its current form, it provides a framework for you to create flight plans and ground routes for any airport in the X-Plane world. It will have a random flight plan generator available soon to allow you to create hundreds of flight plans very quickly. What it is missing though is aircraft to work with it. I need lots more aircraft to have an interesting variety of planes in the skies. I've paid a developer to make a few but I am also offering free copies of World Traffic to other aircraft developers and scenery developers who want to create add-on aircraft and scenery to work with the application. The manual on my web site describes how to create an aircraft to work with World Traffic, but it's mostly just changing the datarefs used by the object file (has to be an object file and not a .acf file) to use the the World Traffic datarefs. I have datarefs for the gear, control surfaces, canopy/door, thrust reversers, nozzle (for afterburner equipped planes) and I support all lighting and lit textures as well. Also, all textures have to be combined into a single texture. Some of the planes that I have paid for are the 737-700, 757, A-300, A-320, A-340 and A-380 so hopefully they'll be ready soon but I need just about everything else especially Boeings and regional/commuter aircraft. So if you're interested, please send me a message and I'll be glad to help out or even do the conversion for you. People are free to give away or sell add-ons for World Traffic. I'd also be interested in having a Wolrd Traffic forum here to support your efforts and for people unable to purchase stuff from x-plane.org, I can provide paypal details here as well. Thanks for reading. Greg
  2. classicjetsims

    World Traffic - Released!

    I'd certainly be willing to support a World Traffic forum here and I can add my own paypal link for people who wish to bypass x-plane.org
  3. Thanks Cameron. I need to start looking at Gizmo. Do you think it's possible to run a gizmo plugin in conjunction with my current plugin to add vapor trails to my F-16 and engine smoke and fire? I also need to add missile smoke to my SAMs in my global X-Combat plugin.
  4. Thanks for the posts and comments. To answer a couple of questions, the pro version will need 2 monitors using the F16Glass application which draws all of the instruments in its own window. You can run on one monitor too but it's awkward. The consumer version (no F16Glass) will have a virtual cockpit and will run fine on one monitor. It will also be a lot cheaper since F16Glass on its own will probably sell for $60. My half will be $30. In regards to release dates, I'm never quite sure. The pro version I hope to get ready within a couple of months and the consumer version by summer. Flight Dynamix may want either a Super Hornet or F-35 next, maybe even a SU-27 so one of those will likely be my next project after I finish a project I'm working for a real HUD system. Here's a few F-16 screenshots of my own: http://www.classicjetsims.com/screenshots/arctic2.jpg http://www.classicjetsims.com/screenshots/NF-16.jpg http://www.classicjetsims.com/screenshots/SAM6.jpg http://www.classicjetsims.com/screenshots/CCRP.jpg http://www.classicjetsims.com/screenshots/refuel.jpg http://www.classicjetsims.com/screenshots/AGM88.jpg http://www.classicjetsims.com/screenshots/SA10.jpg
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