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  1. The IXEG 737 will at times descend too 10,000 at 230 mm out from approach. At 20nm the plane will start descending again for final. I use the same flight plans in other planes with no problems.
  2. Thanks for the response. With out getting into a long dialog. I reinstalled the patch and the plane seams to be on track. If it should happen again I will be more specific with the details..
  3. I have a problem with the IXEG 737. It started when I reinstalled the 737 from a saved download when it first came out. After I installed the original 737 I installed the 107 patch. Thinking the patch will have all the previous patches IXEG has sent out for the 737. The plane now ignores the autopilot settings and does its own thing.... I know its a strange statement but true. Can anyone help?
  4. I had to reinstall X-Plane. I have the original copy of the 737 when i first bought it. My question is about the updates. Dose the last update from IXEG include all previous updates. If not, how do I get the plane up to date? Thanks, John
  5. Update, I deleted WC and Left SMP installed. X-Plane is now stable. No Crash... I guess we need to focus on WC?
  6. Frank, I completely removed the the HD scenery files and did a flight in a default plane. FR 60. With everything loaded I get FR 40. I was at FL 310 and X-plane still crashed. I was over the ocean . New log file attached with scenery. scenery_packs.ini Log.txt
  7. I removed all the HD Mesh yesterday and X-plane still crashed during flight.
  8. Frank, Thanks For your response. Yes I need some help! I am about ready to give up on SMP / WC. I re-download both SMP/WC. (used up all my downloads). Add and remove plugins / scenery. So far nothing I have done has worked. It's probably something simple to fix but I have no clue what that is... All I can be sure of is that SMP worked fine before the update and WC was installed. I would like to get this resolved.
  9. Okay X-Plane keeps crashing again. This time it's during a flight. It appears to be SMP.... My log file is attached.... Log.txt
  10. Thanks for your comments. My VRAM is 4gb, and ram memory 32gb. I will as you suggest verify my VRAM usage..Good idea. Keep in mind Xplane would crash at start-up. Log at that time would list SMP as the reason. I don't know why but ail of a sudden it started to work... I had a good flight day yesterday, no crash... Again, Thank You!
  11. I don't get! For the last three days I have had nothing but problems with SMP and RWC crashing X-Plane. Today turn on X-plane click on Always in RWC and it works. Very Strange... I changed nothing. Just so you know, I only use EFASS, SMP and RWC. I don't use NOAA or Squawk box..... I am Attaching my Log for your review anyway. If you see a possible conflict with SMP ? RWC Please let me know.. Thanks for being there.. John Log.txt
  12. Okay, And thanks for the reply. I re download RWC and it works except for now when I click the Always box X-plane crashes. Is there a fix for that?
  13. I re-installed SMP V3.2 when I tried to re-install RWC 1.0, I get a message you need to update SMP to Version 3.2. I remove both programs because X-plane would not start and crash. Log states caused by SMP v3.2 Re-installing SMP, X-plane now works. Why is RWC not recognizing SMP v3.2?
  14. Setting the complete route first worked. Thanks guys!!
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