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  1. To Whom it may concern, I'm currently having a issue with activating the License for both the SAAB A340 and the 737-300. It would seem that the issue might have something to do /associated with the current version of Gizmo....and the failure to match the connection hostname (x-avaitaion.com) against server certificate name Previous versions of the plugin have had no problem connecting, though both aircraft unsurprisingly are programed only to work with the newer version. I would be very appreciative in any help that I could get /receive as to how to solve this problem. Many
  2. Yeah, Its unfortunate alright....its one of a couple of slight glitches in the model and the way the model is mapped. I wish they would remap/rewrap the aircraft in a manner similar to the FJS 737-200. The distortions make it somewhat difficult to do liveries with horizontal stripes. Great airplane otherwise.
  3. IXEG Crew, Thank you so much for the update. Just took a quick flight to check things out. Looks Awesome Cameron, Yeah, I'm running default. Don't have xEnviro installed either. Starraider, Glad I was able to help you out.
  4. Starraider, Try turning off the contrails and see if that works.
  5. Hey Kickremi, No worries. No conflict was intended......My Dad flew the -300's with Falcon for a bit in the late 90's, and I've always included them all the sims, weather FS2004/FSX(737 Pilot in Command), and now in XPlane. Apologies if It seemed like I was barging in. You've done a fine job on both the Falcon and the Privat Air birds, by the way.
  6. Hey Simolar, Currently working on a Falcon Air Livery, and will try the livery with the lower blue fuselage. Still working on the rear fuselage cheat, but here what i have so far far NB :Having problems getting a 'reflective' surface on the main fuselage, the nacelles are alight. any help would very much appreciated.
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