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  1. hi @JohnMAXX I downloaded the new 4.7.2 update and for now the graphic issue seems to be gone; I need to do more flights to test consistency but like I said before, no other application on my iMac had issues, my machine does not have hardware problems. for the time being, I went back to x-plane default weather. on a different note- i am holding off on TerraMax until you guys hopefully find a way to allow ortho compatibility.
  2. Hi John, glad you are well & thanks for your time replying. I trust your judgment on this and will try again with the next incremental Mojave OS update and or SMP. As it seems this pops up randomly
  3. Not sure what it is, as everything has been fine for months and months, I will see if v4.7 fixes anything or 11.30 beta is buggy. but in general, this is an out of the blue issue again. my iMac works in top shape for all other things. I tested many toggles on the SMP interface box, but nothing changed the issue, unlike a previous time where disabling shadows on water made the issue go away. uninstall SMP and use x-plane default weather and there isn't this issue. that is all I have to help you
  4. Hi John, hope you are well. I am on Mac, so I don't have those options you mentioned. It just happened again, Log.txt
  5. graphic distortion sky max pro 46 & x-plane 11.30 b4 that appears when your external view is parallel with the clouds Log.txt
  6. here is side by side Images of different smp settings. as long as I dont use stratiform. then the issue goes away
  7. @sundog Hello does my above answer make your reply any different? Thanks
  8. I’m not using NOAA plugin. Don’t even know what it is. I had real weather turned on in xplane. I also don’t use RWC
  9. heh heh. , gotcha thanks for the reply. I will take a look at the settings. looking forward to hearing more on terramax seasons
  10. Merry Christmas taking a Christmas flight and looked down to see odd clouds
  11. Hello, I am on mac and xp 11. I want to uninstall some realscenryy products completely. however, despite running the uninstaller itself, all the imagery folders by location name still reside in custom scenery folder. whats the point of an uninstaller if it doesn't remove them? any guidance on how to amend this? I dont want to have to re buy packs just to confirm a list of folders to remove
  12. yeah it is weird, well do thanks, just wanted to give you more data
  13. update frank- I downloaded the gizmo update from Bed per end of May, and I enabled HDR, the cloud box issues are appearing with HDR OFF Only.
  14. that solved it!- i do like the vortices, but owell
  15. not sure whats going on, i just installed the new ixeg 737 update and a new issue arose. I am in KPHX by nimbus studios payware scenery , and all the outlines of tarmac objects/ lines flicker, i took some images this did not occur with the 737 prior to today, nor does it occur today with any other airplane. i also do not have. sky max pro installed i took a video clip too Log.txt GizmoLog.txt IMG_1553.MOV
  16. how do you get the cargo and cockpit doors open? the cockpit unlock dial is not moving
  17. frank- just fyi. the pdf documentation of smp still says v 4.1
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