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  1. So did I but it said I was missing the 737 aircraft file. I assume there is no separate installer that needs updating itself?
  2. There' s a new installer? How do I download the latest installer? I downloaded the update file for the IXeg 1.32 zip file and assumed the latest installer would accompany the latest update?
  3. I have never had this issue updating ixeg, Jan. Can you suggest a fix?
  4. I was installing the update 1.3 for xp11 and got the above message and it won't install. Any ideas?
  5. Hi Jan, Yes to everything except externally which is strange. I can hear the ambience sound just no engine sounds. My log is on another PC. I will send it thru. But any suggestions I can try in the meantime? I am in VR also. I will check if the problem is also present in non-vr.
  6. Everything works fine. Except no engine sound externally? LAtest update. Any fix?
  7. Hi Litjan, firstly, thank you for the most incredible aircraft I have ever flown in a simulator! 

    I hope you can help as I have tried everything: my replay is still just a black screen and sound only. I have removed ALL my plugins, tried different resolution settings, re-updated xplane, trashed my preferences and re-programmed them.


    i have done everything I can and still the no replay exists as well as many of the buttons and toggle switches still do not have sound even after the latest update.


    please Dan you file this as a bug as there are many who have still this problem.


    awesome work though on everything else.  It is mind blowing.


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