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  1. Its not very obvious, but it seems the engine pylon on the Hotstart CL650 is mounted too high on the fuselage, and the winglets are too short when compared to the real jet, the intake below the vertical stabilizer also seems to be the wrong shape,
  2. Maybe make a seperate forum for this since its quite a big issue for me considering how much the aircraft costs, the winglets also look a bit strange compared to the real thing
  3. Yeah well it seems AMD thinks otherwise, remember a while back there was the Vulkan crashing issue that affected the base game and they patched that almost instantly, its even in their driver notes
  4. The issue is it does not affect completely stock X-Plane, only when you have addons installed, so AMD has almost no reason to patch it, there is no magic combination to preventing it really, just depends how said addons are made or implemented by the developer, its a driver level issue so it will always be there.
  5. Then why on earth do I not have it???????????
  6. I saw 21.8.2 helping others on different forums, never fully fixed it but reduced it. I traded my 6600XT for a 1080 on my local used market so I cant really help you with prices. One thing is for sure though, Ill never buy another AMD product again.
  7. You are going to have to uninstall Enhanced Skyscapes.
  8. LIMC is also missing (Airac 2113)
  9. Throttle lables dissapear when throttles are moved forward out of shut-off.
  10. I just gave up and traded my card to an nvidia one, but apparently you get less flicker on driver 21.8.2
  11. My X-Plane is completely stock other than the challenger, this has persisted over multiple X-Plane and Windows installs.
  12. Its been an issue for a while now, really the only solution is for the aircraft developer to create some sort of workaround because AMD cannot be bothered to.
  13. Some internal and external elements flicker on AMD Cards when running Vulkan, dropping back to OpenGL is not really a solution because AMD does not bother to optimise for OpenGL anymore, so performance suffers massively While I know this is technically AMD's problem, it feels like I've basically thrown $115 into the bin, is there maybe anyway I could get a refund or could you fix this issue like FJS did for their Q4XP in update 1.13 Thanks.
  14. Okay, don't really need to use the gust lock at all, just wanted to make sure one of the developers was aware of the bug. Thanks for the replies guys!
  15. On the 340, when the gust lock is engaged, the flaps cannot move. I am unsure if this is normal or if it is a bug of some kind, I am aware the gust lock physically locks the flight control surfaces, but I am unsure if it should lock the flaps.
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