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  1. Hello, I have a similar issue with VR. Rain appear with SkyMax Pro only if i set the option "Precipitation Style" to Default as shown into attached picture. If I try to switch it to any other option Rain disappear. Please fix this. Software Version: SkyMaxx Pro 4.9.6 X-Plane Version: 11.51 OpenGL or Vulkan.
  2. Hello, i just updated RWC to v1.2 with skymaxx pro 4.9.6 and now rain not appear correctly. I can listen the rain sound but I can't see it. In VR rain is not visible anymore. With RWC v.1.1 was ok. Without VR rain appear for a second and disappear ciclying. The flag into RWC is on FSGRW/ASXP because I'm using ASXP as injector. But if I change the flag and try with default X-Plane weather the issue is the same. Moreover, I would like to download the old V.1.1 version but into my account I can't find it anymore. Is there a method to obtain a link to that version?
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