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  1. Tom, Thanks for the continued development on the Moo! You're taking an already awesome aircraft to the next level. Keep up the great work! Dave
  2. StevePHL & PilotNL....Thanks. I did what you suggested and it's working. So I have the two axis' that were once my mixtures as Reverse 1 & Reverse 2. If anyone else tries this method, make sure you uncheck the box that says this is a CH Products controller below each axis. When checked on my system, it didn't work...unchecked, its a fix. I bump the props slightly out of taxi. Then the reverse levers work power levers below the flight idle mark. The throttles control the power levers above the flight idle detent. Thanks everyone! Dave
  3. Hey Tom, Thanks for your willingness to explain both the real MU-2 and your creation. I think we sometimes forget this is a simulation and as such there are always compromises. I'm having a blast learning to flying her properly. It sure is a handfull in a cross-wind, but I love the challenge! Keep up the great work!
  4. Hey Tom, I've noticed from watching other guys on Twitch and YouTube that they seem to be able to stay in beta without going full reverse. I don't know their hardware, but on my CH Products TQ, I don't have that ability. Its either flight idle or full reverse. So I can taxi, but its a constant cycling into reverse to manage the speed. I've looked around XP to find ways to adjust the curves for the throttle axis to see if I can't fine tune them a little but am having no luck. I am new to XP so it may be right in front of me and I'm missing it. Any suggestions? Thanks, Dave
  5. Thanks for the explanantion on the pressurization system. Its different from the KA, which is what I'm used to. I look forward to the eventual release of V2. This is a great machine already...it'll be awesome to see what you enhance on it. Dave
  6. Hi, Brand new customer as of yesterday. Thanks for all of your work with this beauty! Two questions for you....I bought 1.8 because of its compatibility with XP11. So, whenever 2.0 comes out, I'll have to pay again to get the enhancements? Since this newest version is only for XP11, why not make this V2 and give free enhancements moving forward? The second question applies to the pressurization procedure...before T/O, should I simply set the pressurization to my filed altitude and then on descent,set it to field elevation + 1000ft? Is there preferred way to manage it?
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