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  1. It's been up at these locations since release: http://realenvironmentxtreme.com (homepage, under NEWS) http://realenvironmentxtreme.com/news.html (top entry) http://realenvironmentxtreme.com/forum/index.php?board=31.0 (on our forum)
  2. How foolish of me kesomir! So sorry
  3. Hi lis thank you kindly for the great feedback. Both of these items are not simple fixes, but do-able no doubt. We are putting it on the to-do list of enhancements for further development. Again, thank you! Tim
  4. Hi Stormy, Yes you are correct... I will put it on the list of to do's. Thank you for the find, and so sorry for the inconvenience. Cheers, Tim
  5. Yes, as Tom stated, simply leave REX open. Thanks Tom! ;D
  6. Hi Folks, The REXPlane SP1 is now available here: http://realenvironmentxtreme.com/forum/index.php?topic=8757 It fixes and enhances a few of the key areas of discussion from our users. Hope you enjoy! Tim
  7. We are currently looking into the other platforms... thank you for your interest!
  8. lis, Sorry for the inconvenience, there seems to be a hiccup with the SQL database on the weather server, we are currently looking into it. Thank you for your patience. Tim
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