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  1. Yeah that's it : when turning up visibility cloud shadows appear. Thanks
  2. Hi, I've just upgraded to version 4.5 and even if I checked "cloud shadow" box inside configuration I lost them. I tried shadow value up to 1 (0.5 was the original value) but no cloud shadow. I tried to change hour of day (thanks to L and K keys) and no moving cloud shadow compared as before. Any clue ? Thanks Souf
  3. Hi, actually I also was flying ni France near Bordeaux (by LFDI) and, like scorpio2001de, switching on and off cloud shadow onto SMP made it appear and deseapper. I don't know if, at this time, base cloud layer was around LFDI elevation...
  4. Hi, With SMP4 on XP11 I have strange edges on cloud shadow on ground. They are very sharp as shown on screenshot. I have these sharp edge on ground cloud shadow no matter what cloud shadow I set (0.05 to maximum shows this sharp edges). Anybody have the same issue ?
  5. The area around Praha is also so pretty with new realistic buildings and nice homogeneous orange or red house roofs (depending on the cities areas). This scenery really worth be tested especially with photorealistic tiles of Czech country.
  6. Hi Tony, just flew over Czech country with your latest Czech Autogen and it's properly awesome!!!! specially over Brno ) Very very nice!!!! Keep up this good good work for our community!!!
  7. Pretty nice. What are you using for haze ? Fog looks very nice!!!
  8. Hi, Nice shots!! What scenery and cloud set are you using to have theses results ? Thanks
  9. Very very nice Tony!!!! You're the one!!!!
  10. This maybe could be interesting to be tried on the kind of blue colored building type only made of glass. Just to see the behavior
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