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    Aleatory CTD

    Thanks! I'll try a new test, because I'm having errors in different locations. Maybe will need a new X-Plane reinstall. Anyway, thanks!
  2. JGF

    Aleatory CTD

    Hi!! First of all, my sincere congratulations for the aircraft. I've been flying it for many months and it's just amazing. However, in the last weeks and after updating X-Plane to v11.50, I am experiencing CTDs randomly in different scenerys. I don't know exactly what it might be related to. I have read in forums that it could be because of the terrain radar, but since I have CTD's in places without installed scenerys, I have doubts that it could be for that reason. Likewise, I have doubts if it could be because of the Gizmo version, since I am using the latest Beta versi
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