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  1. Good news about glass reflection and engine sounds, thank You. It will be an excellent model(!). And realy pity not for Outerra too. Thank again and Best Regards.
  2. Now Outerra community may yet be small (but who knows for sure, and with confidence?), But I think that now it is not particularly significant. I am sure that the community Outerra over time will be more and more in-Outerra encouraging development, prospects and often excellent reviews of users and developers of add-ons. I believe that the model SAAB into Outerra have good prospect, let's wait for the answer with the opinion of the developer.
  3. Hello dear Cameron. Your SAAB model looking good, thank You. May i get Your answer at my several questions: 1- will You create Your SAAB model for Outerra 3D engine too in future? If yes- will You adapted Your model SAAB- 340(A) for Outerra coming soon? 2- Can You created reflection at the glass into pilot cabin? For example- more or less glass reflection view FSX default models have. 3- Can You tell abou
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