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  1. Hi guys, A new video you may like, featuring the new KSFO v2 by MisterX6 - its soo good! Enjoy!
  2. Fantastic shoots, as well as everything on your site, didn,t know about it. Thanks!
  3. Thanks alot for this beautiful one! I will stay in these areas for a while...
  4. Hi all, a video you may like, featuring the new Pipistrel Panthera v2, in a flight from Telluride, CO, to Stennis, MI. It's a gorgeous little plane, very sleek and easy to fly! http://youtu.be/tLA6M7-xW4g
  5. Thanks, captainamerican! Yes, the doors open, but there are no interior other than the cockpit (and what you can see inside the open door, of course). But its still well worth to buy; what I like the most is the feeling, so to speak - it feels as big and heavy as it really is.
  6. I just want to say I know now the problem exactly: I had a custom scenery folder called "ZYTZ Terrain" - in which it is the Toronto tile (+43-080)! So I guess I simply renamed CYTZ to ZYTZ, which I missed when I looked around for something which might cause the problem, because it looks like a Chinese terrain/scenery. So after spending half the day investigating I know for sure it was this bastard causing the problem. I don't know from where I got it, just a small file, no info whatsoever. Embarrasing... ion fresko
  7. Yes! - Now it works! I followed your instructions and now it all works perfectly - the base Toronto scenery must have been totally corrupted by some replacement file, it looked really weird. After cleaning the Custom Scenery folder I also updated X-plane with the standard package, before putting your sceneries (and Open Scenery) back in. I cannot really understand why it works now - as the corrupted scenery would have been in the global scenery folder, I guess, and what I updated, it seems, was things in the Custom Scenery folder, and among them not Toronto, it seems - but it does not matter
  8. That makes no sense. This scenery package does not add any exclusion zones whatsoever outside the downtown core. Try each one individually? Can you PM me your log.txt? Something else must be interfering. There is a button abive called [support topic] - suggest you post there. "comments" in the file take a week to show up... and I dont get any flag to say "a new comment has been left". Did you somehow install CDN719M"s "Southern Ontario Replacement Mesh"? Thats what it sounds like to me - which I never said you should add. There's only 3 files you need. This one, the Skyline one, and
  9. Hi, I have a peculiar problem with this scenery (I think); although what shows up is fantastic - especially at night! - it seems as this scenery, in conjunction with the other 2 suggested alongside it (the City Skyline and Lester Pearson Airport), wipes away the "ordinary" or rest of the Toronto scenery. Outside the citycenter there is nothing, only flat ground: all the roads and buildings etc disappers!? But if removing the scenery, it turns up again. I kinow for sure its not as it should be, if judging from recent videos of the scenery, or that its about low settings (have tried on "very hig
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