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  1. Thanks kickremi! The scenery is Seward airport and scenery, fantastic! (for more info see description)
  2. Hi all, a new video, this some chopper flying, enjoy!
  3. Problem solved, just realized I had mixed with the cockpit gamma settings in RTH, in some other plane. After reset everything is perfect! Sorry about that! ionfresko
  4. Hi, I just got myself your great DC-3, looks fantastic (haven't flown it yet). However, I wonder about the dome light. It seems that the two light bulbs in the ceiling do not cast light, i.e., actually lighten up the cockpit. It can be regulated up and down, but only the light sources themselves changes. This means that the cockpit is pretty much pitch black at night, except for the instruments (and two lights on each side, which neither seems to cast much light), which makes night flying difficult. Is this how it is supposed to be? Or am I doing something wrong? I have HDR
  5. Hi all, A new video, some bush flyhing Enjoy!
  6. Thanks Jim Kallinen! Yes, it was a sad day when Heinz passed away. He was a really great designer.
  7. Thanks alot guys! Yes, Heinz did some great work, alot of it. Gjalp:I have his p38 too, haven't tried it yet though (have the big package). Will do so.
  8. Hi all, A new bush flying experience! Enjoy! https://youtu.be/zz9IEZXVOCY
  9. Installation 1: 340+40 GB (main folder plus aircrafts symlinked on another drive) Installation 2: 640 GB (inlcuding photoscenery)
  10. Hi all, A new video, a little bit of bushflying! Happy New Year! Enjoy! https://youtu.be/Q5sGW1N0luo
  11. If you have a good Nvidiacard (from GTX 660 I think) you can use Shadowplay from Nvidia. The best in terms of resources (uses a chip on the card itself), takes almost no hit. The sound is not that good though, but in general the quality is OK. Next in line for me is MSI Afterburner, better on all accounts, even though it takes a bit of resources. But the latest version is better on that account, and you can customize things alot. Fraps is also good, except that it takes far too much resources, up to like 50% in FPS. Try different ones, and see what fits. Good luck!
  12. Hi all, a new video, from the outback! Merry Christmas to all! ionfresko https://youtu.be/0wl1adK72EU
  13. Hi all, A new video, where I'm examining the new New York City scenery from Drzewiecki Design Enjoy! https://youtu.be/NrjagniviEk
  14. Well, I know how to record with sound in real time, of course. But too bad that all those lovely sounds wont get into replay. Many episodes can be recorded in realtime, but take-off and landing will be difficult, to shoot from outside. We'll see.
  15. Thanks alot for help, got things sorted out now!
  16. After buying the thing, I just noted this problem. Not good at all, as I really want to make videos using replay. Is there maybe a way now to have the sounds on replay? At any rate I will ask some videomakers, and see if someone wants to tell me.I will report back.
  17. Hi all, I just bought this plane, and god what a piece of work! So beautuful, complex....well, everything. There's alot to learn, that's for sure. There is however two simple things I cannot seem to understand. The first is that the PANEL light on the overhead panel doesn't seem to do anything. I'm sure I have missed something? The other thing is how to load FMS-plans into the GN530. If a recall one should push FPL, and the turn the right small know to see the FMS-plans placed in the Output/FMS-plans folder, and then ENT. But I cannot seem to bring up those plans I have in there. What
  18. Thanks kickremi! As said in the description, both sceneries are made by tdg, and is free to download from X-Plane.org.
  19. Hi guys, a new video! I try the Dash 8 from FJS, going from Bromma (ESSB) in Stockholm, to Bergen in Norway (ENBR). Enjoy! https://youtu.be/YkWkqp70uI4
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