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  • Laminar Releases X-Plane 10.20 RC-3


    Laminar Research has released version 10.20 RC-3.

    This patch fixes the hole in the fuselage of the Kingair, and adjusts the taxi light on the Baron. No changes to the code.

    As there are no code changes, this is really a hot-fix for RC-2. The list of fixes there were:

    Bug fixes:

    • Airports with invalid runway configurations no longer crash ATC - instead the error is logged so authors can fi the airport data.
    • Lua memory management interface changed for Windows and Linux - if you develop a Lua-based plugin be sure to read this:http://www.xsquawkbox.net/xpsdk/mediawiki/LuaJIT.
    • Fixed crash on GP60 RC plane - airplanes with very, very, very small wings were crashing.
    • Automatic crash reporting improved; in a few cases where X-Plane would have said "please report this to Laminar" it now bring up the automatic crash reporter so we can more easily collect the data. This only happens for cases where something has gone horribly wrong in the sim (typically due to an X-Plane bug, driver bug, running out of memory, or an invalid third party add-on).

    User Feedback

    Recommended Comments

    Final, and the weather engine still porked, Clouds don`t move with the wind. What a waste.  This one feature is more important then any other for X-Plane 10.

    I was ready to get rid of 9x until 10x went final. Hmmm. what a disappointment

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    Well, they obviously fixed and worked on a bunch of other stuff; which is a good thing.

    I like the way XP is developing over time and it's enhanced magnificently by the 3rd party developers. I feel nothing but good vibes for everyone involved in improving XP, whether they be primary devs or 3rd party devs. I wish I could shout them a beer!

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    I stay an fan of Xplane but i have to say that some things disturb me :

    - Exhaust effect (on every plane) seem to be not aligned with engine, contrary to version 10.11 which was perfect

    - That awful fog at horizon when flying 30000ft : transition between high details and fog could be better , smoother than that, Xplane 9 was better on this point

    - Immobile clouds as said


    But anyway, thx to keeping efforts working on X-plane development.

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