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  • Laminar Releases X-Plane 10.20 Beta 6

    Laminar Research has released version 10.20 Beta 6 today. While the changes are significant, this should also serve caution that 64-bit is still very new and things may and will break during the process towards final. A list of the changes in this update are as follows:


    • Livery is saved as a preference - when you reopen a plane if there is no option to pick a livery, the last one you used is opened.
    • New button in Open Aircraft dialog box to just change the livery.


    • Fix for LuaJIT compatibility on 64-bit Mac integrated - see here. Plugin authors working on 64-bit Mac plugins should be able to continue with development without any special test builds.
    • libpng, libcurl, and libfreetype2 symbols have been stripped out of the Mac and Linux versions. Please test your 32-bit Mac/Linux plugin; if it will not load, please report this ASAP! (The problem might be with your makefile.)
    • Fixed system_window dataref. This should fix the 32-bit TrackIR plugins.


    • Prop heat and inlet heat expanded to up to 8 engines, with new datarefs. This should not affect existing airplanes, but please recheck your icing switches.
    • Custom prop disc cross-fades fixed. If you use the prop disc override please confirm that your add-on works!
    • Eagle claw landing gear dataref added.
    • Fixed RGB light field in Plane-Maker exterior lights screen.
    • Fixed IAS indicator showing airspeed when a plane is flying backward or stationary in a tailwind.


    • Fixed incorrect library paths in autogen - this should fix a bunch of custom scenery packs not loading.
    • More new terrain textures from Albert.
    • Fixed texturing of type 1 repeating fence faces. If your facades still have texturing problems but used to work, please file a bug ASAP!
    • Helipads like NK39 don't float in the air when sloped runways are turned off.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fix for some Intel HD GPUs causing the sim to quit with an error.
    • Fixed crash on Mac with Chinese input methods.
    • Fixed hang when filing certain ATC flight plans.
    • Bottom of cloud puffs should be closer to assigned bases.
    • New commands for directional gyros.
    • AI planes keep igniters on to avoid flame-outs.

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