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  • Laminar Releases X-Plane 10.11 RC-2


    Laminar Research has released X-Plane 10.11 RC-2. A list of changes are as follows:

    • Cessna windshield does not disappear when C172 is used as an AI plane.
    • Fixed typo in joystick config screen.
    • Fixed joystick bugs with various hardware.
    • Changed default gamma for Windows to be 2.2 - the default of 2.5 was just wrong.
    • Fixed occasional crash due in weather initialization.
    • Fixed strobe light effect in clouds.
    • Fixed scrolling of hail marks on windscreen in 2-d panel.
    • Fixed joystick subsystem to work around ControllerMate issues on Mac.
    • sRGB disabled for ATI Catalyst 12-10 drivers - it works in some cases but washes out the UI with HDR on.
    • Put up error alert when x-Plane runs with Gallium drivers on Linux - we only support the proprietary ATI and NVidia drivers on Linux.
    • Disabled HDR when the GPU can't support it _even_ if prefs have HDR enabled.
    • Bumped version on situation format - the 10.05r1 situation format does not work with 10.10 and 10.11; this version change stops the files from being loaded in a corrupt manner.

    Start your updaters and download the latest version!

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    I haven't tried the update yet but to answer the question you have to download the installer from the X-plane website if it's not already in the main folder and run it. Updates have brought improvements in my opinion so I think it's worth it.

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    Loaded it to find out if my system etc were adequate. apparently they are.
    Good. From what I see it's the right one with tremendous future potential.
    The scenery is a step better that -10 and a house better than FSX.
    Unfortunately downloading the Demo it asked me for Airport Location. Oh good, I can choose my local EGHI. 
    So 2hours later it's loaded (Sky Dish internet) and-
    1. It doesn't like my Thrustmaster JoyStick, Pitch and Bank are OK but nowhere can I get a sensible Rudder Control. I'll have to buy a rudder bar set presumeably.
    2. Location. Yes I did see it would only allow a default airport. I don't mind that for a free-bee trial, or the half hour limit. I know I want it now. The views are superb, the aircraft are beautifully detailed, and it's only going to get better.
    But please - What is the default airport?


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