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  • Laminar Releases Version 10.04 Beta 3


    Only a few days after Beta 2's release, Beta 3 is hot off the press!

    Beta 3 contains a few fixes to bugs introduced earlier in the beta, as well as some experimental stuff.

    DRM: X-Plane 10.04 beta 3 will remember that it has seen a DVD for 24 hours, alleviating the need to keep the DVD in the drive all of the time. Chris will blog about this in more detail later.

    Rendering artifacts: X-Plane 10.04 beta 2 introduced a bug where the internal visibility could become a negative number. This introduced a ton of weird artifacts, including missing pieces of runway and broken lighting. Beta 3 fixes this. Please read the following carefully.

    • If you reported a rendering artifact bug for X-Plane 10.04 beta 2 _and_ if that bug was _new_ to X-Plane 10.04 beta 2 _and_ if the bug is not fixed in beta 3, please re-report the bug.

    • Please do _not_ re-report rendering artifact bugs that were also in beta 1. We already have those bugs in our database; we only want to see how many of the new beta 2 artifacts were fixed by this single change.

    Other Fixes:

    • Beta 2 was overly sensitive about misplaced airport beacons and windsocks. At this point you should be able to load any custom scenery that loaded in previous versions of X-Plane 10. If your apt.dat contains misplaced beacons and airports you will get a log warning.
    • Facades that consist of one floor plus an angled roof should now work like v9.
    • The internal version for .sit and .rep has been incremented because the formats are changed slightly.

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