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Heavy Metal - Southwest Airlines 'Canyon Blue' 737-3H4 N622SW


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Southwest Airlines 'Canyon Blue' 737-3H4 N622SW

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Welcome to the first in a series of Southwest 737-300 repaints for the excellent IXEG 737 Classic!

This is N622SW, c/n 27932, a 737-3H4 which first flew Mar 12, 1996 and was delivered to SWA Mar 20, 1996. Ship 622 was originally painted in the carrier's original "Desert Gold" livery and repainted into "Canyon Blue" colors in early 2006. She received retrofit winglets in early 2008, which are reflected on this repaint. As yet this aircraft has not received Southwest's new "Heart" livery.

To install, unzip into the "Liveries" folder.

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I've just tried it and it works fine for me

Once you unzip/rar/7z etc

Make sure you only have the Initial folder then the objects folder inside that, copy/drag that into the ixeg livery folder, you should be good to go after choosing the livery, i generally choose the airport (normally far away from my previous flight) so i wait until i'm out of heavy fps scenery, then use the change livery and keep flying option (not that it should matter)

In the objects folder you should also see just 3 .png files

I am assuming you know to choose the liveries from the options


Edit: Just checked my original download, it's as i thought, standard setup, meaning once unzipped etc, it is deffo just a case of placing it as-is into the livery folder

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