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Change heading in Boing 777 professional


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I am sorry for this elementary question: If I want to change heading and/or altitude when I fly with my autopilot on, how do I do it?

And here is another question (not so simple). Now I I always get a warning when I program the FMC: "Insufficient fuel" and "Perf/VNAV unavailable". It had worked perfect before (with the same values). What shall I do about it?

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HDG: push the HDG knob to enter in HDG mode. Rotate the HDG knob left or right to your desired HDG heading, you can set max lean angle on the back part of the knob, default is auto. Once you are on HDG mode, rotating the knob will make the aircraft to turn immediately, you are already in hdg mode.


ALTITUDE: you have two options.


-VS (vertical speed mode)

set your target altitude on the MCP (higher or lower)

push VS button on the MCP.  The vert speed display will illuminate. Rotate the VS wheel dial up or down to set your desired climb or descend rate. Once the aircraft reaches your MCP alt it will enter in ALT HOLD mode and will maintain such altitude.


-FLCH (flight level change)

set your target altitude on the MCP

press FLCH button

if you target altitude configured on the MCP is higher (a climb)  A/T will enter in climb thrust mode as configured on the FMC until reaching desired altitude.

if your target altitude is lower (a descend) the A/T will enter in IDLE mode and set nose down as required to maintain present air speed. To maintain present speed being at IDLE it will put the nose down as much as necessary. So the rate of descend will vary based on your current speed and altitude.



VS mode will gurantee a specific rate of climb or descent in ft/sec as configured on the vs display.

FLCH mode will keep varying rate as required to maintain IAS during the process.


hope this helps

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i forgot to mention if you are in vnav mode lets say cruising at FL340 and the FMC suggest a step climb to FL380 or you want to climb to FL360 or whatever, just rotate the MCP to your desired new target altitude and clic/push the altitude knob as well. This will let the FMC know you do require a new higher cruising altitude and initiate the climb to level off at desired target altitude. This will not work to reduce your cruize level since this was not simulated by the developers.

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