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Gravel runways?


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when I land her on an asphalt runway, everything is OK - reverse thrust is enough to stop her and the brakes works as should.


However landing on gravel runways is a different story - reverse thrust does not slow/stop airplane and if I engage brakes (either differential brakes or with B or V key) the brakes stops working immediately - the parking brake lever just pops up and immediately goes back down. Same is on gravel taxiways - no way how to slow down the airplane. Taking off from gravel runways is impossible - the plane just does not move - like the DC-3.


Is it a bug or your model just does not like gravel runways by design like the DC-3? Because there are airlines which operated Saabs on gravel runways. I know that western airlines are usually a bit reluctant to operate on gravel or soft runways, but it's quite a pity that the model does not work on them even if it was a bit unusual in the real world.


BTW in ISA conditions when flying in FL170 and the weight of the airplane is 20.000 lbs, I should fly at 216 kts IAS according to the manual (page 77 - speeds normal range, max power, ECS on, A/I off). But I got 205 kts. Is it normal (i.e. the numbers in manual are not exactly accurate) or I'm the only one with an issue like this (i.e. I'm an a**hole and did something wrong)?



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In my opinion, there's always been an issue with gravel runways in X-Plane.  I tested the flight model on hard surface runways for it's takeoff and landing roll.  Going on gravel, things went very bad.

I haven't ever landed an aircraft  on a gravel runway when I was flying, so I cannot tell how loose they can be.  In any case, the Saab isn't meant to land on a gravel runway..probably because of the weight.

The reverse thrust ratio of the Saab engines is only 0.2 of max forward thrust.  So it is not really that much to stop it on a gravel runway.



Regarding your 2nd issue, not really sure why you are getting these figures.  We tested the flight model at several different altitudes and several different configurations.  I'll have a look at it and see if I can duplicate your figures and take it from there.

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