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David Austin F-15D from the .org

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Ahahaha guys, you might think I am a peace lovin' commercial aircraft pilot! You are mistaken! I was in the 3GO Virtual PLA Air Force when flying lock-on! I had 35 kills in just a period of a year. I've killed around 8 F-18s and now, I am back fighting wars in.....X-Plane 10!


"If you are not cheating, you are not trying". Hupp! 10Gs and I lost about 200 knots and the enemy SU-27 stands no chance! Zoom and I am on his 6.


David Austin's F-15 reminds me of my old violent days of continuous fighting. My wingman, an old classmate was on my multiplayer LAN server on the DEFAULT multiplayer :P. We were up against one of our best pilots flying SU-27s. During the startup and initial "scramble". I've noticed the extreme accuracy of the F-15's panel. Air Marshaller? Not existent....


So we scrambled up and our "enemy" was waiting at around 10,000 feet above the deck. I executed an inverted split-S and burst towards the target at around 500 knots. Our primary objective is to intercept and destroy the SU-27 he was in. I got him on firing radar but we are BVR, I armed my AIM-7 sparrow long distance air-to-air and I had a lock on. "Fox Three!" I and my wingman's AIM-7 soared towards the SU-27. He maneuvered his back towards our missile and disabled afterburners. We bit his 6 o'clock hard. The 2 missiles collided...


"God Dammit", I thought. 


My wingman's callsign "Dolphin".


So we bit his 6 o'clock and we entered a turning fight, but I know this is no good, no good at all! The SU will beat us hard in a turn. I told my wingman to climb and take "overwatch" while I lure him into a decoy, which is me. I pulled and maneuvered into his line of fire. Dolphin reported a missile lock and I replied "Press", which in essence means "cleared to engage hot". He fired an AIM-9......


"If you are not cheating, you are not trying". Hupp! 10Gs and I lost about 200 knots and the enemy SU-27 stands no chance! Zoom and I am on his 6.


He ain't givin up though, I armed the AIM-9 and literally fired all of them. All...Missed.....


I went up and sprayed my 20mm cannon and it clipped his wing, he was on fire. He ejected and the fight was soon over. "Bingo fuel"..... We returned to Edwards AFB, the F-15 is a real ace.



Pros of this add-on:

Excellent cockpit, Loved it.

Flightmodel is rather.....too realistic.

Weapons are all real

I can use real tactics on that russian jet.

Acceptable object based exterior model.

Nice afterburners :)



Ugly leading edge using planemaker.



This is rated 9.5/10 for me!

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