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X Plane not fixing YSSY vent photo :)


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This just really gives me the sh&ts that Laminar after this many Betas can't have a crack at fixing Port Botany..

It just looks ridiculous flying into Sydney like this.

I know this is an old topic, but with the good work of Chris K's Scenery crew, the good work is just not getting the justice its worth getting.

Rant over... :angry:



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Can of worms ... but where do you start. AFAIK, XP10 was not designed to have all the airports and cities populated except for it's default using of the 'plausible' scenery method. To get good airport scenery, one can either buy 3rd party scenery or design our own local/favourite airports using WED.

What XP does extremely well imo, is how it recreates the sensation of flight. I have P3D to compare and imo P3D does poorly in this area against XP, even though the rendition of some scenery spots (e.g Botany Bay) is much more representative in P3D.

Have you tried UrbanMaxx? I use it in XP10 and at least the cities are a smidgeon more like a city should be ....

I'm pretty sure that it'll get better .. and as XP 10 matures, the offerings from 3rd Party devs should become more frequent.

Anyway, I guess everyone's perspectives will vary on this topic. Mine have too ... over time.

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Oh I am not a hater.

I love the X Plane product.

I do have Urban Maxx and am very happy with this add on, as with a lot of the conversions that I have done. B)

I mean even if they just gave it 30 mins (figure of speech), cutting the section of the bay out. So as both runway 34L and 34R at least have their "toes" in the water so to speak. :D

Its just one of those airports that is amazing to fly into, thats all.


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