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Videocard influence...


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Hi All,

I got a question about a videocard on perfomance.

I recently bought a Compaq Presario CQ60 to replace my old big selfbuild desktop.

I chose a laptop, 'cause you can take it anywhere you want, quite usefull when you are a pilot.

When I bought this laptop, I bought it as a tool for work.

Not to play games on it, or X-Plane for that matter.

But I decided to try X-Plane on it anyway...but the performance let be wondering about the influence of a Videocard on Performance.

On my desktop I had about 60fps on medium settings (no roads, sparse trees, no buildings but Max Texture quality and all shadow options on)

On my Laptop I can't get above 23 on the lowest settings.

On my old Desktop I had a:

Nvidia 7900GT/GTO 256mb

2gb RAM

Athlon dualcore something.

and my new compaq has:

Nvidia 8200M G 512mb


Athlon Dualcore something (higher then the desktop)

The 7900 -was- a high-end videocard I believe and the 8200 a low end one.

But does this have so much influence on performance, as almost all other factors have doubled in capacity?

If it is normal then it is no problem, I have very little time to "fly Virtually" anyway.



P.S I'm running on linux, but that only improved performance on my desktop compared to WindowsXP

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I have a Core2Duo E8400 with 3GHz, 4GB 800MHz DDR2 and a GTX260 216, which i overclocked a lot.

So i'm running with 3.6GHz and 1066Mhz RAM. The GTX is already overclocked out of the box and is near its maximum, as i figured out when overclocking a bit more.

We had a blackout 1 or 2 weeks ago, and the board reseted the clocks. The result was, that i was having about 40% less fps. From 35, down to 20 or even 19 with decreasing sight, depending where i was looking at (on the apron). The difference of normal clocks and overclocked is 40% ( 600 * 2 = 1.2GHz more, which is 40% overall higher clock). So X-Plane scales perfect with a better CPU.

But i have to say, that the GTX is more then sufficient for X-Plane. Everything is maximized, which uses the GPU (antialiasing, filters, texture quality). Only the objects are set to default, since they are not calculated by the GPU and therefore kill my frames.

So if your video card is strong enough, than X-Plane really benefits from more CPU power. The higher RAM clock wasn't affecting the fps. Nothing i have noticed when i tested different settings.

Otherwise the video card is the bottleneck.

And the 8200M is a shared memory onboard chip. So max 512MB out of 4GB are used for the GPU. And those onboard chips are known for very low performance. Although the rest of your system is way better, X-Plane is overburdening your GPU.

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