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Super King Air 200 by Matt66 a xplanenation Review


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Once again this is a review that has been featured on xplanenation.com for a while so I decided to bring it here for more viewers to enjoy. This file is an updated version of X-Plane 9's K200. And updated it is.

The fuselage has been completely redone with 3-D galore. Clear windows peer into a well crafted interior complete with "bobbing" hangers and roses. The doors also work. Since this is an update of the default aircraft it is amazing to see how much of a difference a completely redone outer fuselage is. The three liveries are well crafted. my favorite is the tan one but the blue stripes is also try nice. And for those flights to Afghanistan in ISTAR mode than the USAF livery works well, albeit more of an Air Force One/VIP scheme.

Another issue that happens quite often with freeware props is the propeller image. Not so with this aircraft... The propellers are quite well down and are 3-D when shut down, a nice job too. This shows the immense work that has gone into this plane as the XP9 version had noticeably different blades.

Now the one thing that keeps it from being perfect, the cockpit. It is disorganized, but not overly so. While all instruments are from Plane-Maker they look correct however with a little bit of work it could look even better. This is the one thing that detracts from the overall model, however this does not make it any less of a fantastic bird. As you can see below there is a 3-D cockpit coming, which I eagerly await. I will post an updated review when the 3-D pit is released.

If you like to fly your planes mostly on the outside then this plane is for you. If you are someone who needs perfectly done cockpits and stays inside the whole time than perhaps wait until an update cleans it up a bit. However considering this beauty was once a 2-D grey mess it has certainly come a long way from its roots! So let's support this new plane. The link is here: http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=16311&st=10#commentsStart


www.xplanenation.com owner

Photos can be viewed on xplanenation.com: http://www.xplanenation.com/matt66-super-king-air-200.html

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