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Vintage - Bonanza Air Lines - N491


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Bonanza Air Lines - N491

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This is a mostly authentic recreation of N491's livery from somewhere between 1949 (when Bonanza Air Lines started operations) and 1963 (when they stopped flying DC-3s). It is only "mostly authentic" because there are not very many reference photos available, and not from all angles, and the ones I do have are not dated.

There are a few technical bits and bobs that aren't right, especially with the reflections/normal maps, as I didn't want to fight with it any longer and the paint kit is lacking. But I think it's 90% there! Please report any glaring issues you find.

Bonanza flew DC-3s in the Southwest/West USA in the 1950s. Included in the zip file are a couple of images of the January 1959 timetable brochure, which shows all their routes at the time.


As with all LES DC-3 liveries, there is both a livery folder (put in your liveries directory) and an "output" folder, which contains the ini files required for airframe management. Drag this output folder into your X-Plane root directory, or copy the ini files within manually to Output/DC3/Modern[and/or Classic].


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