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Missing scenery and colliding trains.

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Yeah just what I said I've recently noticed in X-plane and why I haven't before I don't know, but there are missing buildings that are quite prominent here in San Antonio and have been for many many years but they are not in X-plane.

A little background I have both X-Plane and Microsoft flight simulator 2020. I know in Microsoft if I take off from an Air Force Base or an airport I see buildings that I recognize because I've lived here over 50 years. Although I've never noticed it before when I use X-Plane most of those buildings are not here. As a matter of fact I saw two bullet trains driving through one another. Not only do we not have bullet trains in San Antonio but we have very limited train tracks and of course they don't drive through each other. I saw another train make and abrupt u-turn. Anybody else notice weird things while flying?

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The default global scenery is at the minimum of plausibility, alternatively there is the one made from simheaven here which is based on OSM data, it's always plausible, it means that you could find the buildings really present, but maybe with height-shape-color a little different, however it is much better than the default

Trains and cars often disappear or appear out of nowhere.
It's plausible that there are rails and roads as VFR references, but cars and trains should avoid looking at them :P 

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