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Help with joystick configuration


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Hello everyone,

I need some help with my joystick settings for the aircraft. I have hours of help: https://www.togasim.com/mu2docs/setup/hardware_setup.html
read through without arriving at a useful result.
I have the Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant for engine control. No matter what I set for Hardware power decent ratio, I cannot use the locked area of the Bravo for Groun operations.
With the condition lever I can't address the emergency stop area at all. Neither with the Bravo nor with the mouse.
Since yesterday I've just been trying it out. Can anyone give me some tips on configuration?
I have no problems with some other turboprop aircraft, including two-engine turboprops. But I can't get any further with the MU-2!

Thank You for answer in advance, Stefan

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You have done a new Joystick Profile for the Moo?
Lever 1 and 2 are assigned to Throttle 3 and 4?
Throttle Button 3 and 4 assigned to: "Move left (right) lever to reverse from ground Idle."
Prop Buttons 5 and 6: "Move left (right) condition lever to EMER STOP."
Response Curve for both Throttle Levers done as described in the Manual? See attached Picture.
You have to add a Button or Keyboard Command for Lifting up the Levers to reach the Beta Range. I use a Button on my Alpha Yoke. The Key or Button must be assigned to: "Lifts both power levers for dual level hardware."

Next are the Mu-2 Preferences from the Gizmo Plugin.
Go into the Cockpit and move the Mouse to the upper right Side of the Screen until the Gizmo Menu appears and click on the Mitsubishi Logo.
We will use the "Ghost Throttle" Settings and the upper and lower Power Lever Settings.
Look at the attached Picture of my Settings. I use the Bravo with this Settings.
Watch at the Ghost Throttle in the Cockpit. Set it to always On for the first Time. You see the real Movement from the Hardware Throttle and the Lever Position in the Cockpit.
On Full Throttle, when moving the Levers down, the Cockpit Position will stop at Flight Idle. That will be somewhere in the Middle of the Hardware Position. You can move the Hardware Throttle down and you will see this with the Ghost Throttle, but the Cockpit Position will stay at Flight Idle. In the real Moo, you have to lift up the Levers for reaching the Beta Range. For simulating this Lift up, the assigned Lift Button is needed. Go with the Throttle slight above Flight Idle and Press and Hold the Button. You will here a clicking Sound and now you can move the the Throttle into the Beta Range. You can see this with the Ghost Throttle. Both Levers are now going down simultaneously.




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Thank you for your help and answer!
I just wanted you to know, I read it! But now I have to process it little by little.
Regarding point 1, yes, a new profile has been created, initially for the version 5 sheet Prop GNS version.
Lever 1 and 2 are correctly assigned according to the Throttle 3 and 4 manual. I have to understand the rest first. Get in touch again.

I have now assigned all the settings according to the instructions. Everything works, except for the reverse position. Even after pressing the assigned button, I can't get into the reverse area! 
Now I'm standing in line!



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Well, I entered all your settings again, apparently I forgot to save them. It worked once, then stopped again. Now it's working! Thank you very much for your help! But on the first flight I still failed to land. The Auropilot suddenly stopped and I was a bit overwhelmed with the altitude control and engine control. But, the assignments work!
Thank you again!

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Glade to hear you got it to work.

Yes, Madame Moo is a challenging Bird and wants your full attention. Hardware Setup and Flying is not on the easy side. But a lot of Fun.  For Pitch Control, it is a good Idea to experiment with the Response Curve. Linear could be a little bit to much of oscillating Ups and Downs. My Landings are still on the Bad Side, too.
Reverse kicks in a little late. But if you are below the Throttle Detent of the Bravo in the lowest Position, the Cockpit Throttle Levers should be down in the Reverse Position.

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