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DC-3 v2 PaintKit


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48 minutes ago, Erny_Module said:

Hi all,

I was trying out a new livery, but hit a snag with exporting to DDS format - all the options I tried either completely weird, didn't load at all, or crashed the sim! 

Could you let us know what settings you use? I was exporting using GIMP 2.10 if that helps.


Just make sure that the image is flatten before exporting, otherwise will export only the top layer.

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Been generating the UV maps for the various texture files, and trying the process out with a new livery - couple of very early WiP pics attached. It's an RAF aircraft, 267 "Pegasus" Squadron, FD857. The tricky part will be getting the camo pattern to line up across the joints, so lots of trial and error work! Main thing is I got it to work, with the .ini file and everything and the dds export works too!

I Initially wanted to try out a livery for Alaska Airlines but ran into some difficulties....  :-)



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