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Mu-2 - 2.0.4 - X-Plane 12 - Reflection fix and Lights Controlls script

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Hi folks!
I just found this fantastic plane and totally exited about it while flying in XP12.

Let me please share:
1. Lights Controlls (and parking brake) script.
>>>FlyWithLUA required!<<<
This script adding several control commands you can map to your hardware to utilise buttons or switches to manipulate Nav, Beacon, Strobe, Taxi and Landing Lights, plus Parking brake (in Hold-on, release-off mode) and Headset.
This was essential for me to map all that to my VKB panel and Airbas Throttle.
Put Mu-2Assesories.lua to XPlane12\Resources\plugins\FlyWithLua\Scripts . Look for new commands in "Mu2Misc"block of controlls.
Thanks to Author for exposing datarefs!

2. Edited NLM texture. This removing weird glass reflection on instruments' glass in XP12.
!BACKUP!, then Unzip and put "objects" folder from ZIP to XPlane12\Aircraft\X-Aviation\Mitsubishi MU-2 Marquise v2  overwriting an existing file.
Note 1: It seems it is also removing some semi-transparent area around needles and FD.
Note 2: Please note - I'm barelly uderstand what I'm doing with that NLM, but it seems works.

Please feel free to modify and comment. All kudos to model's Author.



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