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No nav radio audio on Ovation II

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I'm running version 4 of the M20R Ovation II.

I'm not hearing any audio from the radios - specifically the various Nav boxes.  I've got the audio panel working, can select NAV1, NAV2, ADF, DME.  Volumes show as OK in Dataref editor.  But I can't hear any idents.  (If I try the M20TN Acclaim, I get those idents.).  Volume controls are set reasonably in the X-Plane GUI, and sound is enabled (I get the aircraft sounds and instrument clicks).

I'm not hearing anything on the com radios either - but then I don't know what to expect.

Can anyone tell me what the mechanism for producing those idents is?  Do they come from X-plane, and the aircraft model just provides the switching?  Or is the aircraft model meant to produce them?

And any thoughts on how to make them work?



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Hi Paul,

The radio noises all come from X-Plane itself, I'd recommend making sure that the radio volume is turned up, both the knob on the audio panel and the X-Plane "radios" slider.

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