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Flight Director, TOGA and Landing Gear Annunciator issues/questions

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Hello! Loving the aircraft and excited to figure out what these issues I'm experiencing are.


After loading in a coroute from Simbrief, appropriately setting weights and v speeds for take off, I'll arm A/T, switch on left seat Flight Director and engage TOGA power. I do not get vertical guidance -- only the lateral guidance. On the PFD, I see the N1 indicator denoting A/T is on but only lateral FD is on -- the north/south vertical bar. Not sure the issue is how I'm setting up the FMC or MCD. No TO/GA indicator appears neither does HDG SEL


Additionally, the landing gear annunciators will come on in red with the gear up and landing gear handle neutral. Curious what that indication is! 


Thanks for the help.

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Hello and thanks for the nice words!

The FD in TOGA mode will only work if both FD switches are on. This is the same as in the real aircraft. Make sure you turn the correct one on first (left if you are sitting in the left seat) - this will light up the little MA lights (master) and determine which flight control computer is master and references the on-site VHF nav radio. For example if the left FCC is Master and you tune the ILS on the right NAV radio, you can not engage the APP mode.

The red gear lights are part of the gear warning...I don´t recall the EXACT logic off the top of my head, but if power is idle (and flaps not up?) the lights will come on.

Cheers, Jan


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