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SR - Which version should I purchase? Advice appreciated

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Hi guys! Hope you all are doing well and having a great Easter?

So here's a silly question, but with both Entegra and G1000-versions available, which should I get? They both look amazing like all X-aviation aircraft, so it's really hard to decide. I have plenty experience with the Garmin in other aircraft, and I like it. Easy to use and understand, but a custom Entegra seems tempting so any input on the matter would be greatly appreciated :) 

When choosing between the 20 and 22, I'm thinking the 22, because who doesn't enjoy more climbing power, am I right?! 

Is there some kind of discount program when moving from the G1000 to Entegra and Vice Versa? If so, getting both would be a no-brainer.

Thanks again for any input. 

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I went for the G1000 because with the Entegra the approach waypoints don't display right unless you use the RXP GPS, and the RXP GPS cannot be updated, and RXP has a history of abandoning their products

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Sorry for the late reply, but thanks @dlrk for the input. I went with the G1000 and it is great. Just the other day, I felt a bit warm, and lowered the cabin-temp in the aircraft, only to realize that this was simulated, not real. Blame it on the home-office-blues or realism; either way, this addon is an absolute beauty. The G1000 integration is quite something indeed. Lots of excellent features that enriches the experience. 

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