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SR20 Yaw Damper in flight Question


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I noticed while flying the SR20 with autopilot and disengaging AP master with FD, YD was still activated on the autopilot display panel on the PFD. I also noticed there's no physical YD button on the center console (GFC700 AFCS), like there is on the SR22. So after playing around trying to figure this out on the ground, selecting the 2D pop out pfd and mfd panels, I noticed i can turn on and off YD.

So not sure if this a bug and or feature of the SR20 and if someone can clarify this for me ?

Also to note I have never been in or flown the SR20 or SR22 IRL in case this is not obvious. I'm still learning about these advanced systems related to the Cirrus aircraft, so please excuse my ignorance :)



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The YD on the GFC700 autopilot is optional, and most SR20s of this age (and indeed the current model) don't come with the YD option on the GFC700. 

The SR22 always comes with GFC700+YD, and has an 'auto' setting above 200' AGL.

You are right that the YD can still be engaged in the Torquesim G1000 SR20 (using key command).  I think that is just a limitation of the Laminar G1000 software; YD seems to be always available.   To fly the SR20 realistically, don't use the YD (as it's not available on the SR20 GFC700) and use rudder trim to get co-ordinated in the climb / cruise.

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