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Update and VR ?

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Sound is lost when I switch from 2D to VR (WMR/HP Reverb G2) while TBM is already loaded in the sim.  This issue is specific to the latest version of TBM (can't replicate this in any other aircraft default Cessna/Zibo/etc or older version of TBM).  What is interesting is if I start X-Plane and load TBM in VR from the get go (never in 2D mode) then sound is not lost.   This is just initial findings. I will do more experiment and report back.  

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I narrowed down to what causes sound loss.  HP Reverb G2 requires both WMR + SteamVR.   When WMR is launched, it briefly takes over the default sound device.  When this happens while TBM is running, the sound is lost. 

The work around is simple.  Launch WMR BEFORE launching X-Plane 11.  Then TBM will not loose sound anymore and toggling between 2D and VR has no negative impact.

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