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Turbo Islander Chronometer

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I can't replicate this and we don't have any reports of this. Do you have some graphical mods that could cause this possibly? A screenshot and your log.txt file could help diagnose what is going on.

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I don't have the problem with the chronometer, but (maybe) a similar with the compass. When the "Panel Light Brightness" lever is on DIM no problemo (screen 1), but when on Bright, a second graduation is visible (screen2). This is exactly inverted by 180 degres. The value of the cap become unreadable.

Otherwise everything is extra. I love this plane. 

BN-2T Islander - 2021-01-31 17.30.33.png

BN-2T Islander - 2021-01-31 17.30.41.png

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Thanks for taking the time to reply/verify. It's very strange indeed.

Reinstalled BN-2, vanilla X-Plane.

Pic 1 - Can see the yellow taxi line


Pic 2 - Grass showing531229913_BN-2T2.thumb.jpg.8f1df4a665328d201bb6b15ef3a362ff.jpg

Pic 3 - You can see the windsock



Same results with HDR on or off. If I'm flying I can see the ground below passing by through all the lettering on the chronometer.

It must be something with my install if there are no other reports of this. Will continue to test and my apologies for the wild goose chase :).



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19 hours ago, Dastan said:

Hello guys

Sadly,same bug for me

O.k. So I'm not alone. Did it just start randomly or did you have this from initial install? Mine has been there from initial install and re-install. Can you attach your log.txt? 

I guess we'll have to figure it out.


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