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can not move the thrust levers

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anyone an idea on how to fix this? I updated to 1.33. Did and repeated a clean install. I would say almost everything on ground works well. But I am not able to move the thrust lever, not with my Wharthog nor with the mouse. They do not move an inch. 

I obviously need some help on this. 



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Hi Markus,

two possible reasons:

1.) Other software interfering, most often this is XPUIPC - this can be solved by using an older version of this plugin (search this forum, some people have reported which version works).

2.) The autothrottle having "control" of the thrust levers - to regain control you need to turn off the autothrottle mode (either N1 or MCP SPD or GA) and then align your hardware throttles with the position of the "virtual" throttles (aided by the ghost image UI).

Cheers, Jan


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Hi Jan,


first of all, thanks for the quick reply, really appreciated. I'll check the XPUIPC version. And of course the second proposal, although I can hardly believe it is this one, as I have already checked the AT being disactivated and I can not even move the throttle to align virtual and real ones. 


I'll keep you posted on the outcome. 

Cheers, Markus

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