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The Fuel Anarchy Era has ended!

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Oh, it was nice, back in the old times, to aways load a plane ready for flight and with all tanks half filled...
Oh yes, it was nice to be able to refuel everywhere, even in the middle of Sahara desert or on the summint of the Everest... even in flight!

I remember with a bit of nostagly those old times when refuelling wasn't an issue, but just a simulator option to trigger.
Unfortunately those times are gone. Gone forever.

Say goodbye to the "Fuel Anarchy Era".
Ciao, ciao...








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6 minutes ago, xraydelta1 said:

That's a really cool enhancement for people who fly on fumes!

Thanks pal.

Of course, I'm coding the other side of the question which is having the plane being able to refuel only in close proximity to the "Refuelling Points".
So, if don't carefully plan your flight, you risk to run out of refuelling options.
I will soon make a distinction between 100LL and JetA fuel points, so you'll have to find also the right kind of gas for your plane.

What you see in the pictures is obtained by scanning the installed Sceneries, so it's always up-to-date with your (sim)world.
It doesn't rely on any custom data file.

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