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Blender: Making cushions for seats.

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A cushion is often a very simple model, with the shape of a box with rounded corners.
It takes maximum 5 minutes to model that in Blender.

The problem is that it doesn't look right, the result always looks fake and stiff.
This is dued mainly to the lack of wrinkles that are very difficult to model or sculpt by hand.

But the good news is that Blender has a strong community that loves to share.
After some research, I've found that the best and easiest method (so far) to make a cushion, with believable wrinkles, is the one described by this guy in his "Couch Tutorial" serie:

The method is fairly simple and the result can be controlled by two parameters: the mesh subdivisions and the inflation pressure.

Following this method, in less than one hour I was able to make good and comfortable cushions for my plane, and that's the result:

image.thumb.png.e26f1d122d535b6d286f93f57ad1e01d.png  image.thumb.png.d1264ca17de1f91c0fa956a98f3a08be.png

(Stitches not included)



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