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Sun Rising Up Through the Ground

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I just recently purchased a whole suite of weather products from X-Aviation. (FS Global Real Weather, Real Weather Connector 1.1, SkyMaxx Pro 4.9.6, and TerraMax1.0) I noticed that at sunrise and sunset, from FL280 (or any high altitude for that matter), the sun rises up through the ground and is far too close. It appears as if the sun is only 60 or so NM away from my aircraft. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this phenomenon with these plugins, and if so what is the issue? The above referenced plugins are the only weather plugins I am running. I also should mention I am running the latest version of xplane in Vulcan, with TerraMaxx set to Autumn, and with clear sky's, no precipitation. Date is set to 11/6/20 @ 7:15-7:25am, above KANE in MN. I have attached screen shots. 




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