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Torquesim SR22 Altitude Callouts?

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I've recently purchased the Torquesim SR22 and I'm really enjoying it.  I have some real world time in the plane (I'm working towards my IFR ticket) and I was wondering if there was any way to enable radar altitude callouts (like in the airliners).  I have a lot of trouble gauging height and I think having the ability to get callouts would improve my experience.  

I tried going into Plane Maker / Expert and turning on airliner aural alerts, but I don't hear them.  Any help would be appreciated, thanks.  


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I'm having trouble understanding what this post is trying to say. Does your IFR work in the real aircraft have something to do with aural alerts that we're missing?

As far as I'm aware, the G1000 system does not have such callouts, and we are only simulating what's in the real aircraft. If you're asking us to add something that's not in the real aircraft, the answer would be "no".

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